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Outbound Lead Generation through Social Media: 3 Ways to Increase Your Business Today

Social Media has changed the way we advertise our businesses to clients like never before. Be it via text, images, or videos, there always seems to be a way to insert our business into the daily lives of potential customers. How do we leverage the digital age to do all the heavy lifting for us? Could one generate warm outbound leads passively with as little human intervention required? The answer will make you reconsider everything you know about the digital marketing age up until now. What are outbound leads? Outbound leads are not necessarily new but have undergone drastic changes in the past few years. Social media has replaced many traditional forms of outbound lead generation. A key difference between outbound leads and other types of leads is that the client provides an opportunity for you to contact them directly. They are more akin to a customer walking by a bakery and popping in for a few seconds to smell the fresh bread being made in the kitchen. Outbound leads are people that are interested in what you are selling but are not quite sure they want to buy just yet. In today’s environment, this is a much easier prospect to fulfill. The benefits of outbound marketing Just about everyone has seen the upward trend in Facebook followers. We have witnessed a noticeable rise in the number of users in the past decade. I believe the growth is going to continue. Why? It is simple. When Facebook users are presented with great content that makes them want to share, the opportunity for direct sales growth increases rapidly. The more time spent on social media, the more ads they can see which are relevant to them. Now, you may be thinking the same thing I was a few years ago when

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Clinics who use us say…

As a practitioner it is vastly different running a practice to having a ‘job’. Clients are your bread and butter, and let’s face it, you went in to whatever your specialised field is because you had a passion to help people, either in physical health, or mental and emotional well being. Your job of treating clients, seems like the main focus, and suddenly you’re finding there’s so many other aspects of the business to focus on… Marketing, the finances, insurances, networking, continued education, setting up websites, booking systems, hiring administration and support staff… and then your consultation fees suddenly are eaten up with all the overheads and operation costs. Online booking systems have so vastly improved the practitioner space, enabling clients to book and pay online. No longer is there a need for someone to be sitting at the desk, booking in clients, processing payments… answering phone calls… clients can do all that online. Except when they don’t. The fact is, someone still needs to answer the phone. Clients still like to book over the phone, they might have a question, be lost on where to find the clinic, or want to reschedule. That’s where we come in. We answer all the clinic calls, communicate with the practioner’s via slack messaging live to their mobile phone as a conversation, so they always know what’s going on. We have loads of information on our screen, access to the booking system and we just do all those fiddly jobs dealing with clients so that you, the practitioner, don’t need to come out of a session and return calls. It’s a solution that many of our clients have come to love… and we know you will too.

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Being a Virtual Receptionist

I wanted to share a quick story today to show you just how amazing being a virtual receptionist can be! Ever wonder what it would be like to be a virtual receptionist? Besides being the first point of contact for a variety of companies, a virtual receptionist role can be quite demanding. Here is a look into my life as a virtual receptionist and what it takes to do my job. I always get asked; “What is it that you do as a Virtual Receptionist?”. I work for Turn Key Receptionists a Virtual Receptionist company based in Sydney, Australia. On any given day the team answers over 500 calls, and we always ensure that the initial contact we make with these callers is a positive, professional and friendly one. It’s our job to manage the flow of calls, direct them to the right people with the right company, manage the bookings, look after the meetings and scheduling appointments, gathering as much information about the caller and updating the therapists or employees on any appointment changes, to name a few. But each day is different, and each call is subject to a variety of tasks. Before we go live on calls, we go through a strict training process; we do a test at the end and get a certificate. Training includes what to say, what not to say, how to sound polite and friendly and how to handle difficult callers. The training process is on-going, we self-grade our calls so we can self-improve. We also get extensive training in video format on how to handle each new company that joins. The support and teamwork in our online chats are amazing. I have never been a part of a group of women who help and support each other quite like the virtual

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