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What is a Portable Number?

Having a portable number means that you are able to take the number with you should you ever wish to leave our service in the future. Benefits of having a portable number are:

  • You can print the number on your business card and marketing materials.
  • You can have a land line number without actually having a land line or fixed office.
  • The portable number can be a number for any main metro location, or a 1300 number.
  • You can use the number as your main business landline number and save on call diversion costs.
  • You can easily take the number with you to any other phone provider in the future. This is called ‘Porting’.

Not all businesses require a portable number. If for example your business has had the same phone number for the last 10 years which is part of telephone infrastructure in your premises, you can continue using your existing phone system, and simply use call diversions to direct calls to Turnkey Receptionist when required. See our article on call diversions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to phone us and speak to one of our many trained receptionists.