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Enhancing Customer Experience: Innovative Approaches to Personalising Reception Services 

Enhancing Customer Experience: Innovative Approaches to Personalising Reception Services 

Customer experience is a huge aspect of everyday business life and the type of customer experience is decided through the quality of service and how personable your frontline receptionist is. Receptionist services play a pivotal role in shaping the initial impression a client has of a company whether in person or over their first call to the business.

To enhance any customer experience, receptionists must deploy a friendly and welcoming approach to personalise their interactions with their callers.

Here are some of the many ways our Virtual reception team approaches their callers with innovative and personable strategies. 


The fact that our virtual receptionists are working remotely for our clients means that we utilise technology for our day-to-day interactions with our callers. We use many applications with our personal computers such as Cliniko, Dentally, and Halaxy to assist Clinics with managing their patient bookings. Thus, we have access to in-the-moment resources and information to assist a patient immediately, which in turn shows the caller that their needs are being seen to quickly and effectively.

This formula provides positive customer experiences and puts confidence in the caller that this is a service that they will come back to as it is effective and trustworthy. The technology and applications assist our team with streamlining our service to ensure a quick and effective call process that is sure to leave a smile on any customer’s face.   

Customised Interactions:

A warm and personalised greeting sets the tone for all calls. Our receptionists can go beyond the standard welcome on calls by incorporating personal touches by getting on a first-name basis with our callers and having a friendly voice rather than a strange impersonal voice on the other end of the call. Not only using a name but also acknowledging special occasions such as a birthday over the call with warm wishes and having an actual engaging conversation with a caller. This personalisation not only demonstrates attention to detail but also makes clients feel recognised and appreciated. 

Awesome Communication Skills:

Turnkey Receptionists are professional and friendly. Always ensuring that we can engage with clients in a friendly and personalised manner. The ability to convey genuine interest, empathy, and enthusiasm enhances the human connection over a call, making clients feel valued and building trust in our team and directly the company we are answering for.  

Receptionists always play a crucial role in shaping the image and opinion of a company. Whether through technology, customised greetings, or friendly services, the personal touch provided by receptionists can leave a lasting impact on callers and contributes to the overall success of the business.