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Clinics who use us say…

As a practitioner it is vastly different running a practice to having a ‘job’. Clients are your bread and butter, and let’s face it, you went in to whatever your specialised field is because you had a passion to help people, either in physical health, or mental and emotional well being.

Your job of treating clients, seems like the main focus, and suddenly you’re finding there’s so many other aspects of the business to focus on… Marketing, the finances, insurances, networking, continued education, setting up websites, booking systems, hiring administration and support staff… and then your consultation fees suddenly are eaten up with all the overheads and operation costs.

Online booking systems have so vastly improved the practitioner space, enabling clients to book and pay online. No longer is there a need for someone to be sitting at the desk, booking in clients, processing payments… answering phone calls… clients can do all that online. Except when they don’t. The fact is, someone still needs to answer the phone. Clients still like to book over the phone, they might have a question, be lost on where to find the clinic, or want to reschedule. That’s where we come in.

We answer all the clinic calls, communicate with the practioner’s via slack messaging live to their mobile phone as a conversation, so they always know what’s going on. We have loads of information on our screen, access to the booking system and we just do all those fiddly jobs dealing with clients so that you, the practitioner, don’t need to come out of a session and return calls.

It’s a solution that many of our clients have come to love… and we know you will too.