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Virtual Receptionists in Healthcare, Supporting Patient Care Beyond the Clinic

Virtual Receptionists in Healthcare, Supporting Patient Care Beyond the Clinic 

As time goes on and the world of healthcare advances, so do the needs of patients. Dealing with patients’ needs is vital and must be effective and convenient. With Turnkey Receptionist, we offer a very effective and effortless service that patients can utilise from the comfort of their homes.  Turnkey’s Receptionists operate outside the walls of the Clinics we answer calls for. This service runs in line with the Clinic’s needs with after-hours support for those unexpected emergencies.  

What We Offer:

Our services help patients easily book and cancel those important appointments at any time of the workday. Virtual receptionists have helped modernise and deal with the growing demand and need for more personalised communication between clinics and their patients. Not only helping with increased volumes of patient calls but also adding a very professional and personalised touch to the matter.  A patient will feel heard and have their needs seen to immediately.  

What We Utilise:

Virtual receptionists also utilise the use of online applications such as Cliniko during calls when handling patient’s calls. This provides an effective means of handling appointments and communicating immediate changes with the patient over the phone. We can also send invoices as required to the patient directly and forward important information directly to practitioners from their patients while they’re busy seeing other patients for their daily appointments. 

What We Provide:

Having virtual receptionists assisting your clinic daily provides effective lines of communication between the doctors and patients. Patients have access to endless amounts of key information that would not normally be accessed so easily when the doctor they wish to speak with is in the middle of an appointment. The virtual receptionist can get access to and provide the needed answer right over the phone in a matter of seconds. A virtual receptionist can provide a lot of admin relief for healthcare professionals, freeing up their focus and time for all their other important tasks.  

 All in all, Virtual receptionists are the key to providing that extra care and personal touch needed beyond the walls of the Clinic. We work remotely and handle calls effectively. Leaving the caller with a sense of relief and reassurance knowing that the appointment they needed has been booked.