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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Assistants’ Communication Tools

Beyond Email: Effective Communication Platforms for Virtual Assistants 

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Why are Communication Tools Important? 

Turnkey Receptionists’ communication tools are designed to convey and receive information efficiently. These are important in the workplace because organisations are made up of a few people up to a hundred teams. Working collaboratively with others is what makes businesses prosper and these tools make it possible. 

Communication in Business 

Communication is used for a variety of reasons:

  • It is key to the growth of an organisation
  • Reaching its goals

There are many ways that communication can be used to its full potential, so using it to give instructions is not enough. Apart from metrics and key performance indicators, you should also take care of the human side of the business; the employees who are the lifeblood of any organisation in the modern workplace. 


Email is one of the most common business communication tools in the workplace and rightfully so. Email is an accessible, cheap, and fast way to transmit information electronically to the entire organisation. It is delivered in real-time and can be accessed from any device that is connected to the internet. Some of the most popular email services are free with limited but great features. 

Instant Messaging  

An instant messaging software or app for business allows you to quickly convey urgent information to individuals and teams. This type of office communication promotes efficiency and improved collaboration because conversations happen in real-time. 

 Video Conferencing  

Video conferencing allows you to have remote but face-to-face communication with colleagues. It is a useful business communication tool for virtual teams that consist of remote workers from different parts of the world. It helps save:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Effort

As it reduces the need to commute for meetings. Plus, it improves meeting attendance since most apps work on computers or any mobile device that can connect to the internet. 

Project Management Tools  

Project management tools help plan, organise, and manage an organisation’s tasks to align them with the business’s directions and goals. These project management tools are effective for online collaboration for teams working in the office or from home. 

External Communication Tools and Software 

In business, external communication is the transmission of a brand’s message, products, or services to the public including customers, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders. Most businesses use internal communications to align employees on the same page and they use external communications to share company news for publicity and to boost sales. 

Grammar and Spell Check Tools 

Correct spelling and good grammar skills are essential in business communications because it helps you convey the message concisely, thereby eliminating any chance of misunderstanding or confusion. 

Obvious grammar and spelling errors can be off-putting to clients, partners, and even employees. Not everyone in the company needs to be as articulate as a seasoned wordsmith.

You can use tools to check basic grammar and spelling before you send:

  • An email
  • Document
  • Instant message