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Turn Key Virtual Receptionist Provides a Positive Impact on your Business.

A Virtual Receptionist is the key to any business when it comes to ensuring calls are always answered. We provide great customer service, maintain a professional image, help you manage your time and save you money.

A Virtual receptionist is an improved way of managing your business professionally by handling the inbound telephone calls. We fit into your business and act as your receptionist.

We, as your Virtual receptionist, will  provide a caller’s with vital information such as description of your business, contact details and pricing. We can book appointments or carry out online processes. At the very simplest level, we will collect the caller’s information and send it to you for a return phone call. This means you can call people back when you are available.

Turn Key Receptionists are ideal for the busy office with no receptionist, looking for professional customer service and much more.

Why Turn Key Receptionist?

Is your business missing incoming calls and its costing your business money? Then Turn Key is exactly what your business needs.

There could be new incoming calls that are missed and that can prevent you from further growth in business. Every call is a potential customer, and research shows that 80% of callers hang up on voice mail during business hours.

We answer your calls, take down the most important details and then immediately send it on to you by text or email.

We answer each call professionally, in your company name within 3 rings.

We are professional, strive on customer satisfaction and we are dedicated to each company we answer for. We may be Virtual Receptionists, but we provide real, live phone answering that isn’t robotic, but gives your caller the feeling that they have reached a member of your team.

Why not take advantage of our $100 bonus credit offer and find out for yourself?