Our Team Work

Our outbound team will work your leads and inquiries to convert sales. If your business attracts leads via online advertising, click funnels, lead magnets, online offers, or social media marketing such as Facebook ads and Instagram ads then our team can work your database to make sure your customer service is great, and your leads are contacted while they are warm, meaning that your conversion rates will be high.

  • We can Telephone your leads, and have the pre-sales call to qualify them.
  • We can close small value sales and process card payments.
  • We can set appointments for your sales team, filling their calendar so they can close the bigger deals.
  • We can call your event attendees prior to your events.
  • We can send customised SMS to leads including video links to keep them engaged and get them excited.
  • We can work in your database and send emails from your platform.
  • We can communicate with your internal staff and management team directly.
  • We only bill for calls which connect for longer than 6 seconds (no paying for hang ups or unanswered calls). And we phone from a mobile number as the caller ID, which the lead can call back if they miss the call, and our team will answer in your business name.